Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is ultrasound scanning? Is it safe for the mother and the baby?

    Sound waves which we can hear are in the range of 20Hz to 20KHz. Electro-magnetic waves in the frequency range of 2MHz to 12MHz are called ultrasound waves, shriller than normal sound waves. Ultrasound waves are absorbed/reflected by body tissues depending upon their type...

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  • Why do patients experience delays in appointments for ultrasound scanning?

    The doctor has to take images at several critical positions of the fetus to take measurements so that she can assess the well being of the fetus. A fetus is in its own world in the mother’s womb and many times it does not keep still to enable such measurements...

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  • Sometimes patients are asked to take in lot of water and not pass urine before ultrasound scanning. Why is this?

    The female reproductory organs are positioned in the body in such a way that when the bladder is full, ultrasound waves get conducted through the water filled bladder and provide a clear imaging of the organs...

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  • About Dr Seema Gupta

    Dr.Seema Gupta is a prominent senior consultant ultrasonologist and radiologist. She is a respectable figure among all surgeons and obstetricians across Delhi, NCR.Dr.Seema is known for her accuracy in diagnosing patients along with ethical practice in Delhi.
    A graduate of the L.L.R.M. Medical College, Meerut in the year 1992, and M.D. from Pt. B.D.C. Medical College, Rohtak in the year 1997. She started her career from Sundarlal Jain Hospital, as an Ultrasonologist. She also worked in Maharaja Agarsen Hospital.

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