About Us

Dr.Seema Gupta is a prominent senior consultant ultrasonologist and radiologist. She is a respectable figure among all surgeons and obstetricians across Delhi, NCR.Dr.Seema is known for her accuracy in diagnosing patients along with ethical practice in Delhi. A graduate of the L.L.R.M. Medical College, Meerut in the year 1992, and M.D. from Pt. B.D.C. Medical College, Rohtak in the year 1997. She started her career from Sundarlal Jain Hospital, as an Ultrasonologist. She also worked in Maharaja Agarsen Hospital.
Patients treated by her have lot of positive things to say about her purely because she gives value to her patient’s time and money. She treats them wholeheartedly with the modern facilities available today.
She started her Ultrasound Scan Centre in the year 2009 and established a reputation of “Aiding Definitive Diagnosis” in the Gynaecology and Obstetrics practice circles in Delhi. Now her clinic is synonymous with quality and customer service since inception. She is the preferred referral Sonologist for several leading obstetricians and gynaecologists in Delhi (for ultrasound scanning in pregnancy).